Spawn camping needs to be stopped. :|

Here is a pretty good reason why.

My apologies for it not being rendered.

Those 10 minutes are literally my friend and I, and our two team mates (for the short while they were in the game) being spawn camped. I died 73 times and he died 117 times.

There are the game stats as proof, although the gameplay most likely speaks for itself. I would really like this being looked into as it has an extremely negative effect on gameplay and makes the game absolutely no fun. I’m surprised I stayed in the game as long as I did. We need to make an effort to stop this. Halo is my favorite game, and it always will be. I don’t want it ruined by people like this and I’m sure some, maybe even most of you, probably agree.

meh. it’s super annoying and aggravating but honestly, it’s part of the game. totally sucks but not really ban/reset worthy, IMO. it doesn’t happen to me often though, thankfully.

if it bothers you that much, i would avoid the grifball playlist for a while though, go play some shooty halo instead maybe? :slight_smile:

Grifball really isn’t the best game type to base a spawn camping argument on, no offense.

I understand where you’re coming from, but there are things to prevent/make it occur less. For example, if they made the maps slightly bigger and put shield doors around the spawns that could help.

And yeah. I’m definitely staying away from Grifball for awhile. ._. ohaitharpremium

ehhh it’s a little more complicated than “just make the maps bigger!” though.

premium’s a good playlist. lots of credits too. :wink:

2 things I can think of off the top of my head are shield door spawn things or like a 1-2 second spawn protection in Grifball. Although that’d probably be a bit difficult to implement. I think. Idk. :expressionless:

And Premium is a good playlist. Its a shame more people don’t play it.

who knows what the grifball people have up their sleeves? :slight_smile:

Touche, snickerdoodle, touche…

Technically, they’re not doing anything wrong. Can’t ban 'em, they’re just part of the game.

spawn camping is only a big problem in grif ball only because there is 4 players on each team and 4 spawns. Needless to say it was not the smartest thing Bungie did when creating the grif ball gametype, its an absolute spawn kill -Yoink!- arena.