Spawn Banished in Halo Infinite forge?

Could we get the ability to create timed spawns for enemy AI banished? To add them to a firefight-ish custom forge or a Lone Wolf forge game mode would be super fun.


Banished AI would be appreciated for Forge, I hope this is an option someday

Imagine remaking a 24 player Lone Wolf mission in custom games. ◉_◉


That would be hilariously ironic :joy:

I’ve been dreaming of this for years.
We would need a malleable pathfinding system if the AI are to find their way around our custom map geometry.

Just base it off campaign capability.

Hmm. I’ve never worked there, but I do know AI pathfinding is a manual scripting process when it comes to Campaign. Grunts, jackals, and elites don’t just find their way around corners and doors on their own.

Could be a lot more difficult to implement than we know.

Agreed. Well I really hope they do it for the sake of forge. To save the fact that it will release months after next weeks launch

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Its simple, they just need to give us the tool to make paths where the AIs could walk on. So basically we could create supportive paths that the AI would use as guides to find the shortest paths for example.

How have they made the paths where the bots in multiplayer for example move on?

Sounds easy! But the fact that we have yet to receive this as a map-building tool says that this isn’t so “simple.”
The paths that bots currently use could be hard wired into the existing map geometry, which has been in development for months or years by now.
Until any of us actually work there, we’ll never know.

I’ve done some game developing myself and making custom paths isn’t that hard to make.
Of course how the AI walks along the path may result in unwanted action if the paths are placed wrong (like placing the path to end inside a wall).
But AI navigation is not rocket science. It’s quite possible as long as they are willing to make this. And I believe they will have something to support adding normal bots to forge maps.

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I’d actually like to take this one step back. Instead of having campaign AI, how about letting players control the AI characters? This is actually possible on Xbox in MCC so long as the host is a PC player with this mod:

In Halo: Reach it works because gametype scripting allows the spawning of “bipeds” and then tying players to those bipeds. (Fun fact: Your character in multiplayer is just a biped. Ever play Communist Halo? It’s possible to switch bodies and you only get points for what you do with the current body.) All regular Reach multiplayer maps only have the bipeds for Spartans, Elites, and forge monitors. The firefight maps have the bipeds for AI characters. By getting a custom game to start on a firefight map it’s possible to make players control the AI characters.

This feature is a byproduct of the game engine. I don’t know if Infinite can support something like that, but it would be really, really awesome if it did! It would take custom games up a notch.

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Woah! Cool! I guess this might actually happen someday.

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Sounds interesting, so technically you could make something like prop hunt?

But back to the reason I for example would want AI controlled enemies to Forge would be to make different gamemodes such as OP’s firefight or a mode where you have your own attack squad of elites.
Or have the AI block both teams while they compete to win objectives.

This would introduce completely new ways to make new gamemodes.

Edit. I do believe people want Firefight back to Halo… so why not let the community make firefight themselves. It would also be easier for the devs if they had ideas to make Firefight as part of Infinite at some point.

There better be a craig bot


Prop hunt is literally already a thing in Halo: Reach.

This gametype works on Xbox and even in the Custom Game Browser. Halo: Reach has a cut down version of LUA(?) called Megalo that came with the game when it released in 2010. Bungie did this so they could add new gametypes post-release without updating the game. Gametypes were hard-coded into Halo 3 so this was the solution. Reach Variant Tool is fantastic and I cannot recommend it enough for making gametypes. Infinite has a high bar to clear with Forge.

I’m totally in favor of AI, but if that’s off the table because of bots I’d be thrilled to have this.

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