I was just wondering if theres any Spartan Companies/ Clans out there that want and/or need new members and I tried looking everywhere for someone who already posted a thread about this topic but the last one that was posted was way back in 2014! Anyways I’m just making this thread in case there is still people looking to recruit or to join Spartan Companies/ Clans that need a fresh place to start. Please keep the thread clean and keep to these guidelines :

  • Name of your Spartan Company:

*Name of the Founder/Leader

Point of contact (NOTE try not to give sensitive information as this is the internet after all)

*What is the mission of your Spartan Company/ Clan?

Note This is intended for recruiting only so if you find a clan you would like to join, please contact the clan leader directly. Spamming the same recruitment will not be tolerated!
Thank for for sticking to these rules and happy hunting!