Spartans Vs Elites New Warzone Gametype

343 said they might bring playable elites halo 5. So I think when they bring them back, they can make a useful gametype for it. Like Spartans vs Elites in warzone. Like invasion in Halo Reach. Elites get dropped off in a phantom. They spawn with covenant weapons. Start off weapons are storm rifle and plasma pistol. Instead of marine A.I. teammates, they get grunts and elites. And the announcer can be Arbiter for their team. While the Spartan team. Most of it will stay the same. But for A.I. teammates they can get ODST’s also just to make it more fair.

Well that’s all I can come up with. Leave a comment and vote on the poll on what you think. Hopefully 343 will add this, it would be fun.

<shouldve clicked on pie option

Weve been asking for elites in mp since 2012 nearly every day, in the longest single thread on waypoint history, nothing has come of it.

Ps last i checked they said they didnt even think about adding elites to mp much to the communities dismay.
We want elites and this should like a good idea but like all ideas that sound cool/ would be cool no elites shall we have.