Spartans of Sangheilios (Sangheilios Spartans)

Spartans of Sangheilios
-Spartan Company/Milsim-

Hello, we are the Spartans of Sangheilios and we’re looking for dedicated halo players to join our Spartan Company/Milsim on both Xbox and PC. Our Spartan Company/Milsim is split up, our Spartan Company being on this website and the Milsim being a Discord server. Our Discord server is still under construction, so anyone interested in joining will have to temporarily wait until it’s done. I’ll keep you all posted for the ones interested in only joining the Discord server. If you are interested in join this is the format you must follow along with the requirements;

Spartan Company requirements/rules -

  • Must be 16+ to join - Must be a dedicated Halo player - Must have Halo 5 - Must be at least level 30 - No bullying or harassing any members - Whenever we’re in a party there is no heavy swearing - Always be nice to members even if their newMilsim/Discord Requirements/rules -

  • Must be 16+ to join - Must have at least Halo Mcc + Reach Mcc - Must be active within the Discord at least three times a week - Be appropriate in the Discord (there’s a NSFW channel for inappropriate posts) - No bullying in our Discord Server - No swearing in the general chatsFormat:
    Spartan Company, Discord, or both:

PS: In our Discord there are two factions you can join; the UNSC or the Swords of Sangheilios you get to choose what faction to be in when the Discord server is complete. If there is anyone who knows a lot about Discord servers, I’m open letting only two people helping me with the development of the Discord server.