spartans never die!

what is your k/d

Not impressive. 1.050

Well, that depends…

Before the launch of Halo: CEA, I never really played hard or honed my skills to create a good K/D for Halo 3 or Reach.

However, once Anniversary launched, I went all out across all the games, and tried my best to at least have a 1.0 in each one.

As for Halo 4? Well, I was really commendation-happy, and tried to unlock everything and play as well as I could. While I never unlocked everything, I did unlock quite a bit, and my K/D is about 1.45. I know, it’s not great, but I never professed to be an MLG-pro…

I’m a touch over 1.6 k/d on Halo 4. Was 1.26 on H3. I wish Waypoint had ‘Halo MM k/d’ (add Halo 2, Halo 3, Halo Reach & Halo 4 & MCC to it, MM only, not SO or FF). I’m not even that good but I would love to ‘see’ my Total kills / Total Deaths = Total K/D.

Anyone else think this would be cool?

I’ll just guess mine is around 1.4’ish.

Halo 4 / Halo 3 have similar weight (lots) and H2 drags it down a bit but low weight, Reach around 1.5 or so.

4.984 on Halo 4. Not too bad haha

almost 2 in halo 3