spartans needed!

Blitz Team Alpha
EST. 3/3/2017
"Morior Invictus" - Death Before Defeat
Please Read Carefully
We have the armor already. If you join now you will only be able to obtain the helmet
Quest for the Achilles helmet and to have fun!
Armor: 31/31, Obtained 3/3/2018
Helmet: 16/31 - 86% Complete
4 premium spots available! Join us and earn your Achilles helmet!
From The Top Rope: 864 remaining
Body Guard: 3,945 remaining
First Strike: 1,218 remaining
Almost Doesn’t Count: 5,311 remaining
Lucky: 1,304 remaining
From Downtown: 2,178 remaining
Road Trip: 14,808 remaining
I’m Just Perfect: 9,814 remaining
Look Ma No Pin: 25,393 remaining
Something On Your Face: 195,409 remaining
Too Fast For You: 14,434 remaining
Sorry Mate: 27,767 remaining
The Pain Train: 7,680 remaining
Standard Issue: 299,042 remaining
Forgot To Pay The Toll: 825 remaining
BTA BRAND: Official colors of BTA are any variation of red/black or white/black. Official emblem BTA uses is the Snake emblem, with any variation of red/black/white colors. Colors and emblem are purely optional, just there in case you wish to represent the brand.
Must be active and contribute in matchmaking, that’s where we get our stats. If you go inactive for more than 1 week, you will be discharged. If you’ve been discharged for inactivity, it is highly unlikely you will be able to re-join. If you leave with out notice or explanation, you will not be allowed to return. No exceptions, you have one shot and one shot only with this Company.
Be sure to keep an eye out for messages on Waypoint and Xbox Live regarding our contest challenges. Sweet prizes include Req Packs, Xbox Live gift cards and more!
Ranking system based on completion of personal commendation levels. Reach General of BTA and be rewarded with req packs. Reach the Classified ranking and be rewarded with a mystery prize.