Spartans need one more soldier-

I saw the movie “MAX”, after watching “HERO DOGS: A JOURNEY Get a behind-the-scenes look at amazing military-trained K9s.” I was thinking a K9 really be cool addition to the HALO 6, since the PROMETHEAN ENEMIES have CRAWLER. Spartans get K9. K9 will be Spartans’ Point-man. Could be BUCK’s handler. What do you think, Spartans get a pet! The movie is AWESOME! Good addition to the HALO 6! What do you think? “Max, a precision-trained military dog, serves on the front lines in Afghanistan unit. Traumatized, Max is sent stateside, where the only human he can connect with is Kyle’s brother, Justin (Josh Wiggins). The pair strikes up an unlikely friendship as they unravel a mystery that may deliver more excitement- and danger- than they bargained for.” If not in HALO 6. That’s ok. I’m still buying HALO 6! I love HALO 5! Thank you! Next, I’m looking forward to HALO WARS 2 next year (2016)! Keep it up the good work!

“Halo 6: MC Gets a PTSD Dog”

Lol, I remember reading a lot of posts like these when COD: Ghosts came out.

I don’t see that happeneing…I think the overall thought process would be “a soldier dog for humanity…that’s ridiculous, I’m a spartan!” If anything add some odst troopers with the marines