Spartans need love too.

Spartans are a huge character in Halo. The Spartans in HW2 are pretty useless late game and mediocre in the early game and not worth the cost. I want to see a buff for the Spartans or a price reduction because I am personally a big fan of Spartans and they are very disappointing in HW2. They were alot better in HW1 because you could have 3 out but I understand every game is different. Spartans don’t feel like Spartans in HW2. Comparing them to other heros they are at the bottom of the list along with Honor Gaurd which makes me cry myself to sleep at night. Price reduction or a Buff in Damage and Defense seems fit for them at this point.

All heroes besides Chosen and Hunter Captain need serious buffs.


With good micro, they can be effective. I think their base DPS or health needs a buff, but overall they seem pretty efficient in combat to me. Hijack is a very useful ability with micro.