Spartans in the crawl spaces...

Hi all, I’m not sure if anyone has encountered this but I just thought
I’d bring it to the community’s attention and point out a way
to fix it. On Galileo Base and any Spartan Ops levels associated with
this map you may spawn in the walls of the generator room.
(where you have to activate the switch in Didact’s Gift which spawns
Promethean critters).

Now this happened the other night to some players and myself. As you
can guess it can have a knock on effect because you end up spawning on
someone who is trapped already. This is quite annoying because suicide
won’t work because you spawn back in again and it seems like you have
to quit but after a while we got out.

So if this happens to anyone if you can get onto the door frame on
the far side of the building near the Jurassic Park style fence
you can crouch and crawl back into the room.
You might need to jet pack up or jump on someones head to make it up
though. I just thought I’d say to save anyone quitting and loosing
stats, points etc.

Hope this is of some help.