Spartans For Marine Kills

Spartan Company Commendations (Marine Kills)

Bungie Employees is currently looking for players that are willing to grind for Marine Kills.
We are willing to reward our members with Xbox Gift cards.

Starting January 1st, 2019 (Updated Reward System)
3 Winners for $5 gift cards
**(**Players can win multiple times per month)
If a member meets the requirements 3 times in 3 different matches before other members, they will be able to get the $15

55 Marine Kills in a Single Match of Warzone
More details will be listed on our Company Bio.

If you are interested in participating in this Spartan Company and reward system, please send a request detailing your interest.

Bungie Employees, eh? Out of curiosity how many Bungie Employees are in the company?

83 members. 0 ‘real’ Bungie Employees. It was a joke that the founders liked and a lot of our members get a laugh from, here and there.