SpartanOps mission by mission enemy breakdown

Since we can’t post graphics here, please follow the link for my detailed Spartan Ops mission by mission enemy breakdown. This is helpful for those wanting to complete the Covenant and/or Forerunner Destroyer commendations, not to mention all the prerequsite commendations before those two.

As asked, if you relink or repost the chart, please be kind and give me credit for the chart.

I got my Covenant Destroyer commendation done last night and got a cool emblem to go with it. (Shown at the link as well)

Don’t mean to rain on your parade but this has already been done.

Good work though on your part also

Thank you very much for all of your hard work.

Is playing a Spartan Op mission solo, getting some kills and quitting, restarting that same mission considered boosting?

Never done it, butI watched some videos on youtube for the assassination commendation…

Wondering if it is legit, as my play style is not really suited for CQC.