Spartan V Company Recruitment

The Spartan V Company is a military based unit that uses rank structure and an organized chain of command. Fighting for the Spartan V Company You are also fighting for Blue Team. We will be active with battles and wars. Being a part this unit you go through Basic Training after you graduate Basic Training you are a Soldier with the rank of Private E-1 and progress through the ranks. Soldiers will be hand picked to become a Spartan V.
Being a soldier you will be issued gear and a tag if you are a Spartan you will receive your Spartan Tag.

Rank Structure:
Leader of Spartan V
Colonel: Ty (T SAVAGE R)
Lieutenant Colonel: iPrO DnA
1st Lieutenant:
2nd Lieutenant:

Sergeant Major of the Army:
Command Sergeant Major:
Sergeant Major:
First Sergeant:
Master Sergeant:
Staff Sergeant:
Private First Class:

MOS (Jobs)(*Can have Another MOS):

Forger* (Builds Maps, Bases, Training Camps)
Infantry (Combatant Soldiers)
Spartan V Operator
Recon (Recons Enemy Territories)
Vehicle Operator*
Technical* (Maintain files and Documents)
Foreign Affairs Assistant* (Types up What happens in Political Affairs)

Might Make an in unit Economy and Income to change and add armor and or weapons Message me your thought when applying.

If you are interested in the Spartan V Company Message T SAVAGE R we are currently new and want to start Halo 5 successful so answer the following questions in a message and you will be put into leadership:

Name (what you want to be called):
Military Simulation experience:
Activity(How Active will you be):
Preferred Position:
MOS (Job):
Economy income: Y / N

Link to the company below Thank You!
Spartan V Company