Spartan update?

So, does anyone know how to update their Spartan? Waypoint has all my other information correct, but not my Spartan. Any feedback would be helpful. Thnx

meaning your armor? try playing a couple of games and see if it updates or not.

Yes, my armor. I’m shown as having red armor. Since I started playing, I’ve never had red armor! And, I’ve played more than a few games. Completed Spartan ops all the way through on legendary solo and co-op. Completed campaign as well. Do I need to play the war games?

This is a problem plaguing many people. 343 is investigating the cause and has been for a while. Be patient and they will have it fixed one day, hopefully soon.

^^Fair enough. Glad to know someone is aware of the issue. Thnx for the input!

Lazarus, we are indeed investigating and hope to have more information soon. Thank you for your patience.

Wow. As I’m reading through, I see this has been a long standing problem. I’ve read that its mostly with the 4 gb consoles. Is that the issue? Just not enough storage? Not reading properly from a flash drive? Makes me curious.