Spartan Three Program

Welcome. I am Legend Rain, the leader of the Spartan Three Program. The Spartan Three Program is a both competitive and casual Spartan Company, with the goal of achieving the same kind of feeling of community that clans used to provide in Halo: Reach.

Evident by it’s name, the Spartan Three Program is based around Halo: Reach’s Spartans. The leadership of this clan will play the part of Noble Team, and the rest of the members will play in formed “Spartan Teams”.

In the future, I plan on organizing things that used to be: clan divisions, clan raids and raid maps, rank and leadership structures, and more.

If you wish to join, and stand at the forefront of the clan community as it forms to what it once was, message me, or comment below. I will send you an invite.

Until then, Spartans.

  • Legend Rain, Spartan Three Program Leader

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