Spartan Sprint can run 100m in 11.76s - not bad

At full sprint, a Spartan moves at approximately 8.5 meters per second – Richard Watson, Lead Engineer of the Sandbox at 343

Not bad considering the WR is under 10s, but they are super soldiers. I thought the sprint was fine, but this information is helpful.

Sprint should be faster. I don’t like have a ball and chain on my foot.

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I don’t find this impressive at all.

World record (Usain Bolt) is 9.58 seconds.
A high school athlete does it in about high 10/low 11 seconds
An average high school athlete (footballer, basketballer) in about 12 seconds.

So a Spartan who is being augmentated to enhance all performence to above what a skilled normal human can do, is still not quicker then a high school athlete? Sorry, but Halsey did a realy poor job on that :rofl:

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I see what you mean, but for some realism, you can sprint at this speed the entire game. The acceleration is fast and it’s maintained. An athlete can’t maintain this kind of speed beyond 150m. Spartans can run at this speed all day long.

Probably should be faster though :sweat_smile:

Lets not forget the mass of the mjolnir factored in. Kelly is the fastest known spartan but even she is hindered in armor. But the books also state that the armor increases their reflexes and power too so who knows, this is all hypothetical anyway,

This proves the Radar Range is bad.

At 8.5 meters per second, with an 18 meter radar range you get 2 seconds to react if you’re already looking at radar, and maybe 1 second if you aren’t.


I think 343 made mistakes on the Cannon for Sprint spree, esp given there is a scene in a book Where Chief does an insanely fast Sprint accross a covenant ship in only a few seconds.

I have set all of my Custom Game Modes at 110%. movement Halo Infinite is too slow for me!! :metal:

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This is why I hate the implementation of Sprint in the games. It contradicts the lore by making everything less fantastical and sciFI. The whole idea that a SPARTAN II can run at 55KPH but the movement in Halo seems so slow and floaty is the reaction time of the SPARTAN slowing everything down enough for the average player to be able to control the SPARTAN in game. Yes this is all a stretch. But by adding Sprint and excessive bloom it sure makes your super soldier a whole lot less super.

Ever notice the running animations for Marines and ODSTs are nearly full sprint and they don’t keep up with Master Chief?

Well they are wearing over 600lbs of armor.

Radar range is in diameter, not radius. So you get 1 sec. If enemy has a sword you get 0.5 sec cuz lunge range is like 4 or 5 meters. Factor in latency and you get -0.5 sec. Not to mention curb sliding, ramp sliding, or grapple.


I’m curious what it is with forward movement at 110%. I bet it’s the same, proving sprint animations are not needed and that Spartans could always be in sprint mode.


Thanks for clarifying, so it’s even worse than I thought.

Another reason to increase radar range to 25-30 meters.