Spartan scooter

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I have asked everyone I know about a certian idea (that is totally serious and not a joke) and everyone agrees that the spatan scooter is, and would be the best addation to halo in 12 years. Think about, the all mighty master cheif and the arbiter back together riding UNSC made rocket throbing powered scooters, on there way to kill atriox. the scooter can also transform into a pen that can fit in you pocket, so you can take it out whenever you’d like and ride into the sunset, just imagine how badass you could be with this new addition. Every one I know is asking for this and clearly the fans know excactly what they want.

Is this satire I honestly can’t tell if you are serious or roasting the community for “not knowing what they want” due to the division that happened post halo 3.
And if not who are your friends?
And where is their thread asking for this?
I need it in my life.

  1. they dont need a thread I already made one, 2) they live in florida, they don’t know how to use the internet