Spartan reaction force recruiting for reach

Hello, my name is SRF Roland.

The Spartan Reaction Force is entering it’s winter holiday recruiting phase, and we’re looking for anyone who loves to play Halo Reach.

We do have some requirements:

Post your gamertag in this thread.

Age: 16+

Must have a mic

Must have, and actively play, Halo Reach.
All other Halo Games are optional, but we play them all,(CEA,Wars,3,ODST).

Personality: must be respectful, goal oriented, a team player, and be patient with other players with better or worse skill lvl.

Our Command Structure is as follows.

Founders/Generals- Make the Final decisions on all matters in the SRF

Colonel- Leader of a brigade.

Major- Works under the Colonel to ensure smooth operation of the brigade.

Captain- Leader of a platoon.

Lieutenant- Second in command at the platoon level, oversees the day to day operations.

Sergent Major- Most senior enlisted personnel. Assists the Lieutenant and Captain in the administration of the platoon.

Master Sergent- Senior Sergent

Sergent- Leader of the daily activities of the squad

Corporal- Sergent in training.

Private First Class- Active core of the SRF.

Private- Basic member

Recruit- Member who has not yet been accepted into the SRF.

All of this information, and more, is available on the website

If you’re ready to join the SRF, register today and make your introductory post on our forums.

We are still looking for active new members. Enlistment requirements remain the same, and we’ve recently added McMillan 104 to our ranks. He was recruited through this site, so why don’t you come and join as well?

The SRF has had 3 new recruits in the last 2 weeks, 2 of whom did not make the cut. But Slickred004 did make it into our ranks, and for that congratulations are in order.

We’re always looking for new members, both experienced or new. If you’re ready to be part of something bigger than yourself, register today and join our fight!

thats a cool set up bro… well organized. how long has your group been active?

We have only been active since September of this year, but we are working to grow at a reasonable pace and maintain a professional appearance.

If you’re interested in setting up clan matches, joining, or setting up an affiliation, feel free to PM me on our forums.

i will check you guys out. i think i know a few people who might be interested and i will be sure to hit you up on your forums!

Sounds good, see you there. Thanks for passing on the word.

Hey sponge here i havent been in this clan for long but ive made lots of cool new friends and was able to up my game cause of the decent players. Really over all this has been a great expirience and i have tons of fun. also the clan is pretty mature but hey everybody has their moments i strongly recomend the SRF.

We have had 2 more members successfully join our ranks in the past 2 weeks, FPS Maxacan and Retrodaniel.

As always, we will accept anyone into our ranks who agrees with our style of gameplay, and always plays fairly. Join up with the SRF today to make new friends, and play halo on a whole new level!

As of now we are looking for all members! We have a few UK members as well.

Just out of curiosity,

  1. How many members do you have?

  2. Do you have a website?

  3. Do you only follow Halo or do you play other games?

Currently have just under 20 members

Yes we do, it’s linked above.

Our main games are Halo and BF3, but we only advertise Halo on this forum.

Sign me up I would like to join, gamertag is spine punc816

Great, head to the website and sign up on the forums. See you there.

We have had several new recruits finish their 2 weeks and join our ranks since my last post. We are still looking for active new members, and will always have a place for them in our group.