Spartan Rank 90 Pack Error

I just reached Spartan Rank 90 in Halo 5, but when I tried to open my pack, It gave me an error when opening the pack. But when I tried again it gave me another error saying that I have already opened the pack when I did not, And the error won’t stop when I try to open. Please fix this problem or resend me a Spartan Rank 90 pack.

Look and see if you have the Blue Team emblem. If you have that unlocked, then the pack did in fact open, you just didn’t get to see the animation.

He didn’t receive the blue team emblem and it shows that he has 0 unopened req packs.

This happened to me once after attempting to buy (with REQ points, don’t worry) a silver pack. Just quit out of Halo 5 and then restart it; then look through your emblems to make sure you’ve received the Blue Team emblem.

I just got the same bs with a gold pack. Two times I got an error and the third time it took my req points and gave me nothing. Wtf.

UPD: just got my pack here on waypoint.