Spartan Program (Hardcore)

Recruitment Information//

This program is for those who want to become more then they could anywhere else. This program has a detailed and extensive training program to ensure that anyone who graduates will not be the same again. There is no jumping on obstacle courses, shooting of traffic cones or crouch laps, however this is a Military/UNSC styled group. We actually train you to get better and be adaptive in combat. So here is the process//
Candidate Phase - Complete the “Legend” Achievement on Halo Master Chief Collection

  • Complete QualificationSubject Phase - This allows us to test what you can do, are you a leader? CQC Specialist, Sniper, ect.

  • TestingConscription Phase - This is when you get trained on 2 major fronts

  • War College - Study and understand military tactics and strategies

  • Field Combat - Apply tactics and strategiesSpartan Phase - This is where you polish what you have learnedAs you can see this program is designed to train you to understand warfare and welcome it. If you have any questions you can contact myself: Will 043 SII
    Spartan Program