Spartan/ Other player character: Waypoint Display

Not sure what its actually called but by display I mean the picture of your Spartan on When Halo4 comes out Waypoint will probably be the place to view your stuff and see the pic of your Spartan or whatever other species they let us have. Even if its not Waypoint, that is not the point of my post.

Instead of having the character standing in the dark so we can barely see the guy with dark coloured armor, first they should be brighter so we can actually see the character, second and also the idea that made me post this, instead of a pic why not have the character move? Just like how does it with the avatars only it would be our Halo character and have a bit more movement. For those that still want a pic there could be a smaller pic on the page that you could click on and it would bring you to the white page where your character pic will be bigger and you can copy it. But the main character display would have a lively moving character in it.

Maybe even choose what weapon of the species faction they’d be holding in the display and if there is dual wield then we could even choose that. You could see your spartan with a shot gun, or your elite with dual plasma rifles, or one of the new species in H4 holding this thing.

Here is a link to my spartan, as you can see it is cool(the feature, not my spartan, not trying to be bias) but dark and lifeless but if it was brighter and moved it would be so much better.


Maybe there could also be an option to show the armor effect.

I definitely agree.

Off Topic - Where did you find the picture of the “thing”

> I definitely agree.
> Off Topic - Where did you find the picture of the “thing”

I first herd about it on youtube. The video called it the Reaper so I googled “Halo4 leaked weapon reaper” and it was the second one. Since there isn’t any proof that Reaper is the official name I just called it the thing.