Spartan Ops

Is it just me or does anyone else miss the story and game play of the 4 member fire team Spartan Ops from Halo 4?

Yes it’s not just you. However I would like more variety of maps. And the story was interesting but it felt like they were trying to hard to make thorn an important character

I really do miss it. I wish they make more and I wish I have a Xbox360 and Halo 4 so I can play Spartan Ops

I miss Spartan Ops so much

Game play, B-. Story, A+. Spops was the first time I gave a -yoink!- about a Halo character (apart from Chief and Cortana). It looked good, it was well-scripted, both story and dialogue, and the characters were actually fleshed-out instead of just dropped in and demanding that I care about them merely because they’re in a Halo game. Boy, would I like to get that back.

I think if it was improved then it could be returned in halo 6.