Spartan ops?

Ok so we all know where Spartan Ops in H4 left off. Now with H5 coming up, should 343 continue Spartan ops through H5?

They have been more or less doing so in Escalations.

No need. Get rid of it.

Anybody else have no idea how to vote on something with this new layout?

I think they should bring it back. It continues the campaign in a new and more dynamic way.

I would like them to bring it back.

They should scrap it.

I’m super pleased that Halo: MCC has ZERO Spartan Ops Achievements. Now I don’t have to waste time playing a subpar campaign experience.

Spartan Ops is boring. I don’t want it.

I really enjoyed it. I am hoping that there will be a season 2. If it doesn’t happen it will be a bit depressing but I will still get to play Halo and that’s all I care about.