Spartan Ops

I lived Spartan ops in halo 4, it would be awesome if they were in Halo 5 too.

I disagree. I hated spartan Ops the story line was to repetitive and linear. Playing every mission in Legendary for that achievement was such a drag.

I really liked spartan ops, I hated the laggy non smooth co op though

M8, if you liked Spartan Ops, you’d probably love Warzone, similar concept but its 12v12 PvP aswell. and its got much much kooler AI bosses than Spartan Ops!

Loved it, and from what I hear from a buddy who played yesterday, @clawaxe is right; warzone is like spartan ops on steroids with 12v12 swirling around you

I hear you OP. I would’ve thrown down $40 for Spartan Ops as a standalone. The only thing really wrong with it was the laggy as -Yoink- co-op.

Playing Spartan ops on legendary really stacks up your death rate in your stats,I mean sometimes there are so many enemies you just can’t push ahead with out losing at least 10 lives in just a few minutes.But it’s a challenge.

Spartan ops had some really cool moments, jumping the mongoose into the Lich was amazing, but I think 343 should spend their time elsewhere

I believe Warzone is now the new Spartan Ops.