Spartan Ops with Subtitles. Any way?

So, I will get this straight. I’m not a native English speaker, so I kinda have a bit of problems listening to dialogs and such on English WITHOUT subtitles (I follow it easily, and help me improve my Listening).

The problem is that the videos are either in full Portuguese (dubbed) or in full English (if I set the system in English).

I already tried to activate subtitles on the Spartan Hub (I can follow even with English subs), it doesn’t work. I also don’t like listening to it in Portuguese as it totally breaks the experience (and, at least the Halo’s I played with Portuguese sounds, it is really good, but the Spartan Ops isn’t that good. 343i bad dubbing?)

The thing is: Can I set the Spartan Ops videos in English and with subtitles (Portuguese, if possible, or English)?