Spartan Ops Wishlist

So, Spartan Ops is the new mission based mode that is replacing Firefight in Halo 4. There will be weekly episodes released with cutscenes that will tell a continuous story about the Spartans IVs aboard the UNSC Infinity. What are your wishes for Spartan Ops? What kind of missions do you want to see? What do you want the story to tell? What I want is below…

-Extremely Customizable: The main reason that I liked Firefight was because it was like a scenario editor in many ways. Being able to tweak everything to my liking was one of the more enjoyable aspects of Reachs Firefight for me. If, as they say, Spartan Ops is going to satisfy the needs of Firefight fans then this is a must.

-Extensive support: I know that they have promised to make weekly updates but the question is how long they will continue to do this. I am hoping they will continue to release weekly/biweekly episodes for at least a year or until the next Halo game is released. Otherwise Spartan Ops might fall flat.

-Sandbox missions: This one is not necessarily a must for me but I think it would be cool to see more sandbox missions as the campaign sounds as if it is going to be more linear. Maybe a ODST like scenario where you get split up from form your team nad have to find your way back to them over several weeks?

-Large scale vehicular missions: Being on a massive, state of the ark cruiser going on various missions around the galaxy opens up many possibilities for large scale battles. I am personally hoping for more space missions and missions involving elephants and maybe scarabs.

-Stealth missions: In a contrast to the large scale battles I think there should also be more stealth missions, the name suggests some kind of covert operations unit so maybe we will be able to go on assassination missions or scout missions that don’t involve killing everything in sight as it usually is with Halo.

Aaaaand thats it for now, I may come up with more soon. Please comment with your ideas!

Assassination missions,Demolition missions,Sniper missions,Orbital Drop Missions!

and headhunter missions.