Spartan Ops Wheelman Exp?!

So I’ve just completed the matchmaking ‘Land Grab’ which is now on Legendary and only received 1000xp when you usually get around 8,000.
I’ve been deducted around 7000xp because I drove a Gauss Warthog for the entire duration of the match and helped another player get kills whilst getting the ‘Wheelman’ commendation for myself? What’s the point in Warthogs being on the Spartan Ops then if the game is just going to rob 7,000xp off me for helping the team through other means rather than ‘kills.’
This is quite frankly pathetic, sort it out 343, I won’t be driving a Warthog on Ops again any time soon.

That’s a shame - I’m glad they’re taking action against AFK players but it shouldn’t harm legitimate players though.

Next time just get 5 or 6 kills and then drive your teammate around getting wheelman medals.

it isn’t because you drove a warthog. you get most of the xp for completing the chapter

That probably explains why some players spend the entire game destroying the Warthogs. They aren’t trying to grief you; they’re just taking out their frustrations on the machine that cost them credits. :slight_smile: