Spartan Ops weapons despawn after death?

I had just started gettting back into Sparatn Ops and noticed that the weapons I had didn’t stay where I died! I thought it was just my imagination, but then later on in the same chapter, I kill a jackal with a beam rifle, then I focus my attention away for just a second, look back at the same exact spot and it is gone! Until this gets fixed or someone has a valid explanation for this I am steering clear of this mess…

Oh and BTW, don’t spam/troll this post. I don’t like the lack of respect thanks.

That’s what happens when 343 uses the same mindset for 2 completely different game modes.

In War Games, it’s intentional. In Spartan Ops, it’s also probably intentional. Either way, it’s a terrible thing that needs to be fixed.

The weapons disappear quicker in Spartan Ops than in War Games.

No matter what game mode im on, if i die with a weapon and try go back to get it, it’s gone -.- it’s really annoying me

This is especially important since Sparton Ops has certain situations where it’s near impossible to advance without a certain weapon… you can’t afford for that weapon to despawn on you. I’m not a fan of constantly charging in and trying to kill with the weapons you start with.