Spartan Ops Warthog Problem

I’m enjoying Spartan Ops so far but this week they introduced Warthogs. I prefer having an AI doing the shooting but people doesn’t seem to understand that or they’ll ignore it.
These are a few examples:
- AI is on the turret. A player gets rid of the AI and takes over the turret.
- Sometimes I don’t want a player on the turret. They will usually use their plasma pistol to stop the vehicle and take over the turret.
- They use the plasma pistol to stop your vehicle and then they’ll throw grenades at the warthog and blow it up.
- They will use the Warthog trying to run you over and betray you.
Can’t they fix this problem somehow? I can’t be the only one that is getting annoyed by this.

What i love to do in that episode is to hit the portal with the hog