Spartan Ops Unplayable

Could someone related to 343 give a reasonable
explanation for why I can’t play Spartan Ops SOLO
offline?! XBL has a service alert out at the moment, and
I’m one of the people who can’t sign in.

Is denying offline play supposed to be a cheating
deterrent like the BS reason for why lowering weapons
online is disabled? It would be nice if developers would
confront their errors instead of sweeping them under the
rug. So there are cheaters, big deal. I hate multiplayer
cheaters as much as the next person (maybe more-so after
playing Shadowrun), but cheaters will cheat no matter what.

So why punish those of us who don’t cheat?
How am I supposed to dig-up my 360 10 years from now
and play Spartan Ops for old-time’s sake, or to share
the joy with my kids someday? Online only restrictions
seriously are destroying long-term playability in the
gaming world. At least Halo 4 still has splitscreen and
LAN capabilities, which is more than most games have.

Perhaps those of us who grew-up in the 80s and 90s are a
dying breed of gamer, but we are the ones with the cash.

I thank anyone who read this. Sometimes frustrations need
to be shared, and I doubt I’m alone on this issue. Who
knows; maybe someone from 343 will see this and decide I’m
right and actually patch the game to correct this issue, but
I won’t hold my breath.

I don’t think Spartan Ops has ever been playable offline. Which is a shame because I enjoy playing it and earning the commendations for extra XP.

Maybe 343 could make it playable offline for reduced amounts of XP?

Because Microsoft wouldn’t fund it unless it was Gold Subscribers-only

Or so we’ve been told.

If it’s not playable offline they should make it so in future.

You could play Firefight offline in Reach, so I don’t see the problem with playing Spartan OPs offline.

To promote co-op, of course! You know, the insanely laggy arena of 4-player spartan ops.

It’s great being forced to play something nearly unplayable. Spartan Ops solo is the only way to play.

the reason cutscene is hosted online, is because the spartan ops cutscenes are streamed directly from Waypoint, so it makes sence

however i dont understand why the maps themselves are not playable
it does upset me that spartan ops, game mode i love some day may not be playable to go back to, and that i cant play offline

It may have been because it was an ongoing thing that was for free. Keep in mind that 343 is owned directly by Microsoft, so I guess they have incentive to encourage people who don’t really play online to keep an ongoing gold account.

I couldn’t sign in either today because of service alerts! I thought it was just me.

I can’t sign in either. :frowning:

Halo 4 dosn’t have much offline value. In my opinion.

> Halo 4 dosn’t have much offline value. In my opinion.

Only for campaign and local multiplayer.
Or LAN parties, which are the awesomest thing ever! :smiley:

Originally I thought it was online only so players wouldn’t find a way through third party ways to play episodes before they released, which worked to my knowledge, however, there is no reason right now for Spartan Ops to be an always online thing.