Spartan Ops Team Killing

Why is there no option to boot people who team kill in Spartan Ops? The last few games I played (First mission) all I have seen was people killing each other so they can get more kills. This really ruins the fun of Spartan Ops. The three games i played some person destroyed the Gauss Hog with the people inside, then started killing them with the Wraith.

As funny as it is to watch there is a point you get to where you just wanna play but your too busy trying to avoid your team members so that you can stay alive long enough to get a few kills.

And its not like if there is an option to boot that it will be as bad as FireFight on Reach was.

Guess not enough people play Spartan Ops lol

I solo Spartan Ops. It doesn’t matter if you die, you get infinite respawns. Solo legendary on Spartan Ops is, for this reason, the easiest thing in the game. However, a boot option would be nice.