Spartan Ops stuff

A couple things I wanted to touch on.

I just recently noticed that my sevice record was not tracking my SO kills, but it seems to have started again, never really paid attention to it so I don’t know how much this has happened. Is this a glitch? Will they ever show up?

The Crawlers are very annoying. Is there any way the aim assist could be turned off because for some reason it throws me off so bad when I’m trying to shoot these things. I actually feel that there should be an option to turn off the aim assist for all gametypes, but I’m just talking Crawlers for this post. They seem to be the worst with this issue.

There should be something done about ammo. I think all ammo locations should be marked somehow and there should be a DMR lying by this ammo because it sucks when I run out of ammo and I have to drop my DMR for another weapon and then I find ammo but it’s useless because I dropped my DMR and it dissapeared. I would not be opposed to infinite ammo for loadout weapons, but I don’t know if that would fly.
How about regenerating ammo?

These are just a few issuses I began to notice when I was trying to not die, and I think fixing these things would make SO allot more fun.

I’m quite sure that your problems with running out of ammo in Spartan Ops can be easily solved by the countless weapon crates that are scattered throughout each level.

Those weapon crates offer an unlimited supply of ammo and there are dozens of them, how have you noticed this?

Way too much Covanent and Promethean ammo, not enough spartan ammo, and that doesn’t solve the problem of me getting a DMR when I find Spartan ammo because I had to drop my DMR to use other weapons.

You have two weapon slots, use them wisely.
Also you can use the drop-pickup method (just do not empty your weapon completely because it will auto-despawn). Find an another weapon, for example a Storm Rifle. Pick it up, then you throw the DMR away (2-3 meters), then go pick up the DMR, throw the Storm Rifle. Direct yourself for an ammo create, and use this method. If you being ambushed, just use the Storm Rifle (yeah I know it’s not as effective, but it’s common). You must pick up the DMR again, you have 10-15 seconds to do it before de-spawn.

UNSC weapons are the most useful (thanks to the ammo crates).
You can’t resupply Forerunner or Covenant weapons countless times because of the limited ammunition scattered trough the map.