Spartan Ops Story

I see a lot of threads saying “Just play it, it won’t make sense if you just watch the cut scenes”

Is there any list of just the important episodes/chapters? The maps are repetitive and I did them already a long while ago when they first came out. Now I’ve forgotten and Spartan Ops by yourself is so damn repetitive and boring I just can’t play 50 chapters worth.

If I suffered through it on Legendary solo…

But really, the best method is to just play them, put on some music or a tv show or something and grind through it if you truly want to know what happened. Alternatively you could just read the general plot on a wiki then watch the cutscenes to provide a bit more of a clear picture.

You don’t need to play it… Having played it, I would dread having to play it again, but that’s me. Its a grind with good parts being few and far between. If you love lore its worth experiencing. You aren’t missing much, seeing as the story thread died with the release of halo 5 and went nowhere.

End of the day its your choice… me telling you its a waste of time is presumptuous. You could think its the best thing 343 ever did. (you would be wrong) but you may have found personal enjoyment where others didn’t.

Play for yourself… or don’t.

Why are you playing solo? It’s a lot more enjoyable and you get to kill covies on ragnarok/Valhalla and complex. I thought it was so cool that it was YOUR Spartan.

It’s more fun with friends

If you watch the cutscenes, you will get the general jist of the story.
But if you play the missions, you get a better undertanding of the things going on, such as where the artifact in episode 2 came from and the second Pelican that shows up in episode 10.2.