Spartan Ops Season 2 please

Anyone else hoping or think that the 2nd season of spartan ops will come out before Halo 5? Thoughts?

There was actually a long discussion about this yesterday. I was actually given a bulletin section, where Frankie said that there are no plans for a Season 2 “yet”. From that i suspect there is a possibility that Season 2 of Spartan Ops will appear in Halo 4. However, you have to remember that Requiem went “BOOM-BOOM”, however, i would love to see Infinity get raided again, forcing an emergency landing on Installation 03, since it made an appearance in Halo 4.

I would love to see a season two, maybe it’ll start when halo 5 is teased just to keep us occupied and see what happens with halsey. My bet is that season 2 will be a forerunner tech scavenger hunt and infinity trying to find and recapture halsey.

I just hope 343i picks up the pace with the first half of the season, the first half of season 1 wasnt that great, it was slow at the beginning. hopefully they’ll change that

If there IS gonna be a season 2, although it depends on Frankie’s trailer release, i say it won’t be seen till Dec. or early Jan.