Spartan ops return?

Should Spartan ops return?

I feel like Spartan ops was really good in concept but didn’t live up to the rest of halo 4 campaign. The missions where very repetitive and, for the most part, on the same few maps replayed again and again plus most of them weren’t original being taken from the campaign and multiplayer.
Personal i would love to see a Spartan ops return in halo 5. It could be a way to tell the story of blue team in a way that would make fans who aren’t big on the lore get to know them. What do you guys think?

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i would love a second season following fire team majestic

I take another spartan op. I enjoy running around with my spartan.

Yes, if they can create complex tasks. Spartan Ops had a good story, but the gameplay was…lacking. I’d like an in-depth firefight mode or flood wave defense even

Spartan Ops was such a drag until the ending, and even then it failed to keeps up and semblance of excitement throughout, I say ditch it and put the effort towards more multiplayer maps/ a Firefight-esque thingy.

I’d be ok with more Spartan Ops, but I would rather them put those resources into another game mode. If they did more Spartan Ops, I would like it to have its own unique maps.

I looked at spartan ops this way. Firefight with a story and objectives. If you look at it that way. It succeeded