Spartan Ops Not Working

I downloaded Season 1.5 but when I went to play Episode 6 it says, “Failed to load. Player may not have recommended downloadable content.”

I deleted Season 1.5 off the hard drive and redownloaded it, but the same thing happens. Anyone know a fix to this problem?

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343 doesn’t have a solution to anything. Just saying. I heard SO took forever to download so I didn’t. Just bored so I felt like replying

Try clearing your cache. That’s apparently what my friend did after this happened to him, and it started working again.

“Have you tried turning it off and back on again?”
Anyway, that’s odd, are you selecting the right storage space (which doesn’t seem to matter for me)?

As Unusual Hiccup Stated, cleaning your games cache should fix this bug. Its the primary solution to this problem at the moment.

The link below has instruction on how to do so. I would provide the xbox live websites version that has pictures and everything but the website is currently offline.

If you are in the same situation as what I experienced Spartan Ops Episodes 1-5 will load, however 6-10 will not.

The only way I found to fix this was to delete the multiplayer content and spartan ops season one. Then reinstall them from the disc.