Spartan Ops not showing up!!!!

I’ve experienced a number of issues not related to matchmaking so far.
the biggest one is Spartan ops is not showing up anywhere in the game for me!!!
as well as:
achievements not unlocking when they should
player ID customization items not unlocking when they should
AI not functioning correctly
black error screen after loading on the last level of halo 4

please fix soon!!!

I think Spartan Ops may not be in yet by original design it was to be added later. Dont quote me on that =)

Spartans Ops has been delayed by a month. I cannot recall which video it was in, but I know Halo Follower discussed it to death. You will have to wait for Spartan Ops I’m afraid. In the mean time, there is always the other campaigns, as from what I can tell multiplayer is down and out for now. As to the rest of your errors, I cant say I have any advice for you.


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Really? Oh ok, good. I was freaking out there for a bit. I thought it didn’t install correctly or something lol. I heard nothing about it being postponed content. Thanks for the info!