Spartan Ops Mission 5-1 legendary solo?

Is it possible to finish Spartan Ops mission 5-1 Spartan Miller on legendary solo?
It was very hard on co-op, has anyone done it solo on legendary?

Yeah. No actual chance at failure. You die, you still respawn.

yes. did it yesterday. I play all the spartan ops solo legendary

I’ve done all of the levels on Legendary Solo. As “I Tsunayoshi I” has pointed out, you can’t fail any of the levels.

yea so did i but no matter what i do or what level i play it on it wont give me the no easy way out achievement. i think its bugged

Yes but it was a pain in the butt.

You can’t fail?

When the knights destroyed these antenna-things we failed the mission pretty hard…

protip: don’t shoot rockets in their direction.

Thanks for the tip, there are unlimited respawns but if both science equipment get destroyed you fail the mission.