Spartan Ops Legendary Run (MCC)

Hi all… Looking to complete some Spartan Ops missions on Legendary. The more the better, feel free to send me a friend request.


I’m on pretty frequently now, so we can always continue where we left off. It’s all good if you don’t have a mic.

Still looking for 2 more. Message me
if you’re interested.

You’re gamer tag isn’t working.

> 2533274809822501;3:
> You’re gamer tag isn’t working.

It should work without the underscore…I just changed it. Also, I sent you a friend invite.

love the ops add me! on everyday around 8 standard time

I’m down for some spartan ops today as well if I’m not busy doing MCC Leg. run.

I’ll join in some spartan ops legendary (Well at least the ones that have achievements tied to them) feel free to invite me, I’ll be on for a while