Spartan Ops Lag Still Terrible :(

I heard how awesome Ep. 6 is and was super excited to jump in since I have the day off. Well I fired it up and and was extremely disappointed as the lag was the worst I have ever seen in Sp Ops. Are others still having this issue?

yeah I have this and I have campaing co-op lag too

Lag is intermittent, and is rarely as bad as some players describe.

That being said, I have ensured that my wifi is set up to work as good as possible with my Xbox.

Yes, the lag is horrible. I mainly play on splitscreen because of this.

I’l still be purchasing future episodes, though. You can’t go wrong with more single player content.

Played all 5 chapters last night with a friend of mine and I kept asking him if he was experiencing any lag and he claimed that he didn’t.

Today I’m going to try it again with another friend of mine, but I won’t be host this time. I’ll come back after that.

Even when its not too laggy, i find Spartan ops has a constant latency which makes everything just sluggish and unresponsive compared to mp or campaign.

What did you expect

this isn’t Cod zombies where 8 players can play on maps with continuously respawning zombies and sandbox gametypes


  1. You aren’t host because your internet is bad
  2. Play with friends on your xbox
  3. Play with americans/europeans. I get stuck with people from far away because no one in china plays halo…

And I love it.

The weird thing is that I rarely experience lag during Spartan Ops matchmaking with randoms yet I usually experience lag when I play with a full party of friends. Then when I go back home from college, I don’t experience any lag when I party up with my friends. The funny thing is that I have a slower internet at home than I do at college.

I noticed a huge lag difference between competetive MP and coop MP too.

In wargames my ping is always pretty good / no lag noticable. But in campaign and spartan ops, I often have a (guessed) ping of >500ms. This makes playing on higher difficulties extremely unpleasant.

The lag is indeed as bad as other players have described. I have my cable internet directly connected to via ethernet cable, so its not a wi fi issue. please look into this 343.

I gave up, I can’t play one game without very bad lag. It’s way too frustrating to enjoy it at all.

My internet must suck then. Took me all night to DL the 2.2 Gb of the latest episodes of Spartan Ops.

I figured I’d just add this here

I’ve been having incredibly bad lag in Spartan Ops.

Here’s a speedtest that I ran:

My ISP provides 110mbps down and 5mbps up - I don’t think anyone can say that’s a bad connection

The Xbox 360 cannot even use all of the downstream

My friend is on the same ISP, but they get 60mbps down and 3mbps up

We can play ANYTHING else without lag - including Halo Reach Firefight and Campaign (and back then, we had slower connections). We play Borderlands 2 a lot and that’s completely fine.

We are using Wired connections.

In Spartan Ops, one or both of us end up with lag so bad that the game becomes a slideshow

This is a known issue. It’s been around since Halo 3, and will be around until they decide to fix their AI netcode.

In Halo 3, online-Campaign lagged bad because their netcode was not able to handle AI interacting with multiple connections at the same time, so it focuses on the host of the game, causing lag to anyone who doesn’t have a great connection to the host (which people very often don’t).

In Reach, this same netcode was used to handle online-Campaign and online-Firefight. For the same reason, these two game modes lagged as well.

In Halo 4, they still used this same dated netcode to handle online-Campaign and online-Spartan Ops. Once again, this lag is occurring for the same reasons.

Fixing this problem would be a HUGE endevour, as they would have to rebuild the entire netcode from the ground up, which would take mass amounts of time and money. There’s a reason they’ve been using the same one since Halo 3.

Don’t expect a fix for this from a TU or something of the like. The ABSOLUTE EARLIEST you will get to play without this lag is in Halo 5. Even then, it’s not likely judging from the past trends of MS Studios.

> This is a known issue. It’s been around since Halo 3, and will be around until they decide to fix their AI netcode.

I’m completely aware of the problems in the past games, but I never really had a problem with those games. I know people that did