Spartan Ops Kill Limit?

Hello everyone i play a lot of spartan ops and i mean a lot of spartan ops. I currently have over 1,300 games. Now my enemies killed total is 89,972 which i seem to be stuck at as i played two more episodes and the kills didn’t go up one. Have i hit a cap of enemies? Or is this some glitch?

The Halo 4 stats page has the real amount at 97,316 but in the game itself it stays at 89,972.

Honestly I have no idea in terms of the cap but I’m really impressed you have played so much Spartan Ops!

There had always been the game vs site stat bug. I first noticed on reach. Don’t know which is right. If its an information transfer bug or what. I am going for 1,000,000 firefight kill ATM, game says 560,000 site stats say 590,000. Idk.

Hi RoadBlocz

Where exactly in the game are you seeing these number?

Are you looking at Halo 4 stats page on the console or on the web?


Hm, game says 74474 enemy kills for me but stars on web say 91969…