Spartan Ops is GARBAGE

First of all, Both Episodes 1 and 2 use the same maps.

What ? is this what we can expect with Episode 3 ???

SEcond of all, If I hear Sarah Palmer say the word “Crimson” one more time I will slipspace jump my xbox into an oven and burn my Halo disk.

3rd, The missions themselves SUCK.


All it is is the same thing over and over again.

Oh no some team got pinned down and we lost contact go find them Crimson.

Oh no some scientists are lost go find them.

on no not the AA guns. Go blow up the AA guns they have us pinned down.

As far as video game missions go could this be anymore CLICHE ???

HOW ABOUT SOME VARIETY. Here are some ideas.

( Each of these missions does not contain Sarah Palmer leading the mission as a disgruntled covenant elite shot her in the mouth due to her being obnoxious. )

  1. You have to go destroy a covenant carrier hovering above requiem. mission starts on the ground and you use banshees to breach the landing bay. You then set a nuke in the engine compartment and escape via jetpacks to the ground.

  1. You have to go destroy a staging area that promethian knights use to teleport from the knight factory deep in requiem. You must go through a cave system to do this and use promethian visions due to smoke from lava vents obscuring your view. After destroying the facility use must use a series of heavily guarded teleporters to reach a deep well in requiem where you must wait for the pelican to pick you up. You are backed against the artificial cliff of the well ( similar to the opening of “I would have been your daddy” section of The assault on the control room in Halo CE.

  1. A large tower on the far side of Requiem is causing Giant Tornados and large storms to form, preventing UNSC forces from taking down a Promethian Knight stronghold. Habatha Team Must infiltrate Via Drop Pods and take down the system. The first section has you going underground through some long artificial tunnels to avoid the winds. You must then sprint accross a long courtyard in a artificial plain while using sprint to fight against the high winds.

You must then hold your ground outside the facility as a new deployment of Knights attempts to block your entry.

You must then find the Key that gives you access. It is located in a bunker on the side of the facilty.

You must then enter the Storm generator and reach the top. At the top is a series of spinning devices that suck air through them and spit it out of the sides of the towers to create vortexes. They activate every 15 seconds so you must time yourself as you try to reach the controls to destroy them.

Half of Habatha team must go to the roof to gather heavy weapons from drops from the infinity. You then regroup and use the heavy weapons to destroy the generator core.

proceed to exfiltrate after using an elevator to go back down and leave through a side door which is guarded by 5 knights and 15 crawlers.

  1. A protoype UNSC AI from the crashed science ship “Newtons Apple” has been captured by Promethian forces. It is essential that they not decode it’s functions which could give them insights as to how Human AI’s work. It is the job of Spartan Team X to infiltrate a Promethian Prison and rescue the AI. The AI’s name is Arcturus.

After entering the prison using stealth cloacks you must go through narrow corridors to reach the cells. There is a lot of close in fighting in corridors and hallways.

You rescue the AI and it tells you that is has access to promethian communications and the promethians are planning to flood the prison from above. ( the prison is underground. )

The AI tells you of a passage that leads to some caves where you can escape to safety.

You have to fight your way through flood waters while trying to reach the next doors and close them behind you to buy some time.

You finally reach the cave system and escape across a gorge to the other side.

It turns out the part of the cave you escaped too is underneath a giant Forerunner tower. You take a Grav lift to the top and find youself fighting at the top of the tower which is in the clouds.

Many promethian crawlers are coming up the sides since you destroyed the Grav lift. It is remeniscent to the battle in Lord of the Rings the two towers.

You finally are exfiltrated Via Pelican back to the infinity after defeating several attack waves.