Spartan Ops is Cool. Let's Kick up the Gear.

So far, I’ve been enjoying Spartan Ops. With the third episode, I feel like Sops is finally kicking into gear. So, let’s go further.

I am aware that it is baldly impossible to make new playspaces every single episode, so let’s make the most of what we have. Send us to more Multiplayer maps. Instead of reusing old maps, redecorate. New lighting, new environment, etc. Like Sword Base and The Package in Reach.

For crying out loud, let’s get MOAR STORY going in the gameplay sections. Again, Episode 3 is beginning to delve into that, but let’s not make the cutscenes saturated with story and meaning, and then switch gears and say “HURR DURR KILL MOAR ENEMIES” in the actual missions. I enjoy the Spartan Ops gameplay, but it’s honestly a bit repetitive at this point when the missions are isolated from the cutscenes.

SWITCH POVs. I know Crimson is supposed to be your outlet for the whole “Your Spartan” thing, but let’s get Majestic’s POV. The way Sarah Palmer tells it, Majestic is barely capable of knocking two rocks together. Let’s change that perception.

This isn’t necessary, but introduce the Arbiter. Please. I miss him.

Spartan Ops has the potential to be the best thing since sliced anything, so let’s use it to that potential. Like I said, Spartan Ops is going in the right direction, but it can go further.


I would like a more interactive story. I like the way they’re going but, as you said, there’s a disconnection between the dramatic emotional cutscenes and the “Oh look, hunters, here’s a mantis to deal with them”. I feel that the POV is perfectly fine. Basically Crimson is the advanced special ops team for the SP3 program on Infinity. Majestic is the second best and should be kept there.

And yes, I’d love the arbiter. Imagine they bring him in at the end with a huge fleet where the arbiter says something like “The Didact’s Hand is ours, he is under the protective hand of the Covenant. If you kill him we’re at war yada-yada.”

I would like to see more of a recon/stealth mission. Nightfall on Reach was easy to run through but the Night time effects were pretty snazzy to say the least. I just wish there was a place on Requiem that was like the swamp area from Halo CE before you meet the Flood. The sense of doom and dread made me cautious around every corner.