Spartan Ops Idea

Ok I have been working on an Idea to make a co-op experience that allows players to customize there play experience. So tell me what you think of this

  1. The New Spartan Ops, Makes it a map layout instead of a episodic layout. The Map could have anywhere from 5-10 locations Mostly design is what changes from location to location. Examples. 1. Forest, 2. Desert. 3. Lava river etc.

  2. Every week a random set of missions are given out in 4 or 5 different areas so you can have a clear area mission in lava and high value target in the forest.

  3. The way players can customize the way they go about these missions is a custom loadout system (only for this playlist) Bring some of the Halo 5 load out weapons to this playlist such as Silenced weapons and the different scoped weapons or something, just an idea to allow custom play styles.

This is still a work in progress so if you stick with me or give me ideas I can possibly come up with some sort of Co-op experience that Halo Players could enjoy. I still need to figure out how a reward system could work for this.

That’s really cool i like it

Maybe you can have Dr.Manhattan(from watchmen) as a high priority target and he gives you a god mode boost

I really like the weekly idea. Would keep you coming back as long as they’re actually fun.

I think it could work, they would just need to rework some objectives to make a little more diverse gameplay

Got to disagree with many people in that I would prefer locations being set on different maps given the short distance transition between drastic climates would just seem, absurd, in a lack of better word.

I just prefer that different climates like arctic and desert would be separated but there definitely could be a mix of things like an arctic volcano which could be like a land of ice and fire.

But challenges could be definitely implemented on Spartan Ops, much like in the other modes but im not exactly sure of the randomness. The randomness could work in a mixed maps which couldnt include everything but just a mix of things, even so, spawn points are still a limited thing.

so pretty much the patrols of Destiny on a open world Halo constuct?