Spartan Ops harder then Campaign?

I am still working to get back to being a good FPS player again. I am right now playing on Normal for all levels. Campaign I am doing OK. When I am playing Spartan Ops games I am just getting my butt kicked at times.

I just got done with “The Challenge” and it almost took me an hour! When “Land Grab” only took me about 12min I am thinking I am not doing something right at all.

Is Spartan Ops made to be harder than Campaign?

Short answer: Yes it is. :slight_smile:

Plus this should probably go in the Halo 4 forum next time.

The difficulty of campaign can be dependent on the mission, but it’s still entirely doable (there wouldn’t be an achievement tied to completing solo Legendary if it wasn’t).

Spartan Ops, however, can be near impossible solo. Not only are there a LOT more enemies to deal with, thereby making it easier to get swarmed, but the spawn system is set up to where you either spawn in the middle of the action only to overrun, or you have to run across the map to get back in it. Which can be very frustrating!

In short, yeah, it is!


Well doing Ops to get my game better. Have a feeling if I get down Ops better I will not feel as swamped on campaign. Just got done with the first one. Going to try and get the other 2 done over the weekend before the next one is released.

Plus I am finding out changing out game play between campaign, ops, and multi-player is helping from getting too frustrated.

The main causes of my deaths in SO:

  1. rushing enemies
  2. power weapons, high ranking enemies (fuel rod gun, scattershot, needler, beam rifle Elites)
  3. disappearing weapons. I’m often stuck with my spawn weapons
  4. long shield stun time. If it were a bit faster, I’d be able to get back into the action sooner
  5. spawn system. It’s indeed horrible
  6. spamming support units (Jackals, Watchers)
  7. sword Elites
  8. enemies being spawned at the objective
  9. vehicles
  10. dropships

While rushing can make sense considering that Elites have been downgraded to mooks, I’m finding it ruins any hope of fighting enemies in any other range than long distance (of course, they punish that).

Choose the right Armor ability. Autosentry helps very well.

Always use the distance. Your primary rifle should be something like the Battle Rifle or DMR. Having them both is even better.

What I sometimes miss in Spartan Ops, is the Shotgun or Scattershot as primary or secondary weapon.

i can say that i died more times in one game of SO on normal than i did in my entire campaign run on normal.(i havent really had time to do legendary yet)

This weeks bulletin has an in depth with some of the spartan ops designers. Was an intersting read. They stated SO is built for 4 player co-op.

It can be played solo but is much harder as the number of enemies is always the same, and no one is watching your back. You do not have a buddy to spawn off of, so you must depend on the crappy spawn system, which sometime spawns you in the middle of all the enimies. I find legendary solo SO to be a goood challenge, minus the crappy spawn system and the extremely fast despawns for dropped weapon. SO is getting better as it goes along.

Playing chapter 4 (Shootout in Valhalla) of episode 3 on Legendary would be very interesting then.

OK good to know. Will work to do this more co-op then. Now I understand why when I watch people play it in 4 player they are so much smoother.

> Spartan Ops, however, can be near impossible solo.

You’re joking, right?
Impossible, by definition, means not possible. So let’s examine.

> Not only are there a LOT more enemies to deal with, thereby making it easier to get swarmed,

Yeah, you’re going to get swarmed by lots of enemies, many of them pretty tough. But we have infinite lives and there’s zero penalty for dying. There isn’t a single SO mission that cannot be completed on legendary by simply running in like a mad suicide bomber, taking out an enemy or two, and repeating the process until the mission is complete.

It’s not like campaign where you are sent back to the last saved checkpoint which could be minutes or hours back, based on player pacing and difficulty level. On campaign dying means having to do everything over again. On SO, dying means… not a damn thing. It’s practically encouraged.

> but the spawn system is set up to where you either spawn in the middle of the action only to overrun, or you have to run across the map to get back in it.

Uh, what? Every single SO I’ve played, I’ve spawned very close to the latest point of action. Case in point, this week’s episode with the Mantis mechs. Every time I’d die, I would spawn directly behind a mech so I could just hop right back in one and get back to the action (which was just over the nearby hill). I have never spawned all the way back at the start, or across the map from the action, nor have I spawned where all the enemies are.

Spartan Ops is the polar opposite of “impossible”. It’s extremely possible on the highest difficulty level so long as you don’t mind the fact that you’re going to die a lot. And that fact is meaningless since death doesn’t drop your XP or set you back anything of consequence.

Impossible? No.
Tedious? Hell yes.

> Impossible? No.
> Tedious? Hell yes.

They should really find a way to have checkpoints or limited lives options in Spartan Ops. That would maybe force their designers to create better encounters and not just throw enemies at you.

I think this mode has just so much potential, but it was all squandered for casual appeal it seems. You know, the kiddies and guys who complain about firefight and campaign being “hard” and “just want to see the narrative”.

So, yeah that and the recycled maps really turned me off big time. I really wanted to keep my Gold subscribtion… but now I´m not gonna resubscribe at least till the busy games season is over.

Yeah, how can a game with zero penalty for death and infinite lives be hard?

Spartan oops is more for 4 players (and still, there is lots off LAGG :frowning: ) while Campain is most for SP.

It’s laggier if playing alone.