Spartan Ops friendly fire

343i really needs to remove the friendly fire from Spartan Ops. You can directly kill someone but you can destroy their vehicles.
I was just palying the one on Ragnarok with the Mantis, and the three people I was paired with kept destroying my Mantis causing me to be ejected from it and they wouldn’t let me play the mission and they wouldn’t so it took like 30 mins when it should have been 15.

they also splattered me with the ghost which I didn’t know was possible.

That’s really annoying when you’re just trying to enjoy the game but the game mechanics allow others to do stuff like that…

Actually, they need to add full friendly fire and betrayal booting after a few kills.

anything would be better than how it is now. betrayal booting would be the best

Yeah I’m getting pretty tired of “that guy” in every online Splops match that blows up everyone’s Mantises and splatters everyone with the ghost.