Spartan Ops Fault CO-OP online searched play

Not really a big thing unless it happens to someone else but anyway i’m currently in a game, having a problem finishing spartan ops episode 4 chapter/mission 1, long story short everyone’s quit the mission but me because the enemies won’t spawn and have arrow’s above where they should be spawned.

Tried shooting the arrows, grenades, meleeing and autosentry it doesn’t seem to even notice the arrows/enemies.

Still in the game haven’t quit. (yet -_-)

Thought people should know seeing as how it’s a new game an all i guess it’s to be expected.

Any help appreciated, similar thing happened to me with reach in co-op campaign, was stuck in a falcon on the first mission. Wouldn’t lift off with me in it so stuck in it so i eventually after waiting an hour in the game quit.

I’ll just explore the level and check back here i guess, thanks a bunch.

Same happened to me earlier, a Watcher spawned inside the bottom of one of the towers on “Two Giants/Ragnarok”, and turned out to be the final enemy on the map before completion.

At one point I was (according to the radar) standing directly ontop of the enemy but nothing I could fire at it, or throw at it for that matter would kill it, even when a part of it was protruding from the ground.

Best bet, just quit out, you’ll still get completion XP but no “Victory” XP.

thanks for the suggestion but no need now, seems something happened that made the game finish early, went blackscreen and just finished i got some xp so that’s cool thanks for the help.

And maybe i’ll stick to war games for the rest of the day, just in case.