Spartan Ops failure

I have been trying to play the new episodes of ops for the last three days or so, and I have already eliminated internet connection errors. I have downloaded ep 6-10 about three or four time already, but I can’t seem to get pas the loading screen after finding players.

It is doing something weird that I cannot seem to fix. It finds players, then everyone seems to leave the game about one second later. Even after deleting the file and downloading it again, it also won’t let me play any of the previous chapters if ep 6-10 has been downloaded.

Has anyone else had this problem? and what can I do to fix it?

Did you try clearing you hard drives cache?

yeh try what he said.

i havent had any issues with it

Played several same today with no problems.

yes I cleared the cashes several times and spent about half an hour with tech support trying to fix the problem with no success.

its bizzar because my room-mates profile works, but still refuses to cooperate. Do I need download something else?

im haveing the same problem