Spartan Ops Episodes loading problem

so here’s the problem from episodes 1-5 I can only play chapters 1-2 on each, but when i try to play chapters 3-5 i keep getting sent back to the title screen and upon going back into spartan ops 50% of the time a message keeps appearing saying I haven’t got the got the right data installed, or it just goes like its giong to load then i end up back at the title screen
What the hell is going on?
help needed urgently

Have you tried using the “Find Game” feature? Are you having the same problem there? This could help someone narrow down the problem. This hasn’t happened to me, so I won’t be of much help here, but I’ll cross my fingers. :wink:

Try reinstalling all of Disc Two’s data.

> Try reinstalling all of Disc Two’s data.

Ahhhh…you beat me to it. But OP, if you are having that problem, try to reinstall Disc Two, like Moa said.

> Try reinstalling all of Disc Two’s data.

Aw, man! Why didn’t I think of that?! Oh well. Hope this works for you. :slight_smile: