Spartan Ops Episodes 6-10

Idk about you, but this is getting epic in every new episode.

Yeah, it have been slow in the first couple episodes, but after episode 2 I really enjoyed to the max the half season. I’m really exited for the next half!

How about you?

And it doesn’t matter if you like or not Spartan Ops, 343 knows how to make a trailer since the Defiant Map pack :3

Yeah, it really exploded with Episode 3 and onward.

I was like “FRICK!” when I heard it was going on hold till January. Great, 343 has discovered the joy of massive cliffhangars, as Bungie did in H2…

Just watched the trailer for those episodes.

Looks pretty -Yoink!- awesome.

I love SO! Can’t wait to see what happens next


i just noticed that halo 4 was the first halo to not have a scarab in it since the scarabs creation in halo 2.

That structure looks very flood to me…

I know, the story looks like it’s going to be very exciting. Can’t wait to see the new environments!

I saw the trailer they just posted. Looks like some pretty cool new maps are coming with episodes 6-10… and maybe some Broadsword action? There are Broadswords in that one in-game cutscene shown in the trailer. I wonder if we’ll actually get to fly one…